‘Beauty Isn’t Always Pretty’


“Self claimed as 30 years or his ‘life’s work’, this exhibition hosts over 100 pieces, across an array of mediums. There is so much art we’ve had to stack some in the bathroom, yes this outrageous exhibition has made it’s way into the lavatory…”

But that’s where you’ll find some of the best pieces.

From canvas’s that have been sprayed, airbrushed, spat on, attacked with custom built paintbrush nunchucks, lit on fire or had an entourage of people chuck paint balloons while Chad fends them off with a hedge strimmers, theres always something a little more, ‘out-there’ when it comes to Chad’s creation or method to what is clearly a clinical madness materialise itself.

There’s a full forks v spoons iron cast sculpture series for you to tort you eyes over, etch boards with some of the most bewildering scenerios your brain will probably ever try to defragment, sculptures of all contortions and a large selection of one off jewelry pieces.

Chad’s work resonates with people in ways they can’t describe, what these pieces emit is truly remarkably powerful and entirely unique, it’s a force that Chad has transferred and is alive & well.

If you’d like to immerse your self in the full D E P N E R experience, you have til July 24th to come through our doors.

Silent Auction

All pieces are included in a silent exhibition which will take place in _space on July 27th.

We will be live streaming the auction and taking bids online. If you would like to place a bid or buy out a painting please contact us. We will also tell you all about the ‘Name Game’ which is exclusively to bidders.




D E P N E R or Chad Depner to everyone in his hometown, is one of the world's most insanely bewildering humans. Hidden in the bush in Squampton, this man has been creating an abundance of artistic pieces and...

well let's just say "Art" is very subjective.

Chad is well known and loved throughout B.C, Canadian festivals and bush party's for his outlandish bodies of work, which are never shy of including actual bodies.

'Live Art' show, been to one? Well even if you have you haven't seen anything like this. Be it Chad wilding his custom made paint-brush nunchucks, lighting his paintings on fire with household flamethrowers or battling a melee of paint balloons with a garden trimmers, Chad will present art to you like you've never seen art before.

And if none of that has you goo-ing with interest, maybe one of his psych- a - fuckin - deadly paintings which make you feel like you've been spiked with a sheet of LCD or caught in a perpetual rewind loop of Disney's Fantasia on VHS, these are not for the faint hearted.

We love you Chad.


D E P N E R - 30 Years’ is a documentary about Chad and will features 9x pieces of work that were created for this exhibition in _space as the building we being renovated. This documentary will also come with a huge pack of bonus features which include extended footage of the paintings in their full mesmerizing creation. Coming soon.

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